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Residential Moving Services within California

If you are looking for affordable movers to provide you with moving help we would love the opportunity to work with you. To make your move seamless! Our movers work quickly and carefully to move you into your new home.

We Supply the following:

  • Movers

  • Moving Truck (Owned by us)

  • Tools

  • Moving Blankets

  • Shrink Wrap

Moving Can Be Stressful

San Luis Movers and Junk Removal is proud to offer a variety of moving services.  We’ll do everything we can to help make your next move a breeze. Whether you’re looking to relocate offices for your business or move in your dream home.  We can assist you with our team of trained movers.   San Luis Movers and Junk Removal can also help businesses with white glove delivery and liftgate delivery for larger items.

10 Tips to Save Money on Moving Day

  1. Move boxes close to main entrance or the garage. We will load boxes first. Make sure boxes are sealed. Please make sure to have the correct size box. Boxes which are overflowing do not provide adequate protection for your goods.
  1. Please be present to answer questions on moving day.
  1. Have all boxes packed before our arrival. Generally speaking, we load boxes first.
  1. Keep boxes at 40 lbs or less. We will use a dolly to move multiple boxes at once. 1.5 cubic ft. moving boxes are the most efficient for us to load/unload.  Also, using the same brand of box will allow us to load and unload moving boxes in less time.  When the boxes are all the same brand we can stack them higher.

4a) Loading books, photo albums, and other heavy items into large moving boxes is a bad idea.  If a box requires two people to lift, it’s too heavy.

4b) Small appliances boxes, produce boxes, and totes are not ideal for moving. They don’t stack well and will slow the process.

  1. Remove the excess clutter. Take a few loads of your unwanted items to a thrift store. Separate the items which will not be moved. If you aren’t in love with a piece of furniture don’t pay to have it moved. Get rid of it before moving day.  Moving is the perfect time to get rid of stuff that you don’t love.
  1. Create a plan for storing perishables during the move. Clean out the refrigerator before moving day.
  1. Don’t forget to do laundry before moving day.  If you’re moving your washer, you’ll want to keep that free so it can be loaded.
  1. If you’re moving into a storage facility…make sure to provide us with paper furniture pads or we can provide them for you.  This will allow you to stack furniture inside the storage unit.  Plus, we won’t have to remove the shrink wrap or the pad while they’re in storage…this will make it easier when you move your items out of storage.
  1. Local moves are billed by the hour, anything you move yourself reduces the overall billable hours. Move small items yourself. Items such as; lamps, garden tools, garden hoses, small kitchen appliances, and bicycles take time for loading.
  1. Have a plan for your furniture placement.  Before moving day, draw a map of where you want to place items in your new home.  It’s okay, your map doesn’t have to be perfect.  We realize that some items need to be moved a couple of times before getting it just right.
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