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San Luis Movers & Junk Removal Launches New Website

After months of hard work, commitment and creativity, San Luis Movers & Junk Removal is happy to announce the launch of a new website. The new and improved website was launched as part of the San Luis Obispo-based company to continue to make its affordable junk removal services more easily accessible as well as provide relevant information to customers. 

The website is not only fast but also comes with many interesting features, such as easy navigation, intuitive design, and company blog. You can visit San Luis Movers & Junk Removal at:

About San Luis Movers & Junk Removal

Founded in 2010 by Sandy, the idea behind Luis Movers & Junk Removal was inspired by a drive to help customers remove excess junk and clutter from their homes and businesses in a more effective and more efficient way. What started as a part-time business at the time soon became a full-fledged company that served customers across different parts of San Luis Obispo, and the surrounding areas including Paso Robles, Atascadero, Morro Bay, Cayucos and Cambria. Over the years, San Luis Movers & Junk Removal has built a reputation of quality service delivery, competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

What Services Does San Luis Movers & Junk Removal Provide?

Property Cleanup

Junks such as old furniture, mattresses and electronics can build up over time, creating messy clutter in your property. Whether you need to clean up a home after foreclosure or simply want to increase your home’s usability by removing unwanted items, San Luis Movers & Junk Removal is the perfect option for you. The company discreetly removes, hauls and disposes of your unwanted items with perfect precision. 

Office Junk Removal

Have junks taking up space in your office and need a professional to handle the job? San Luis Movers & Junk Removal works with businesses in San Luis Obispo and the surrounding areas to remove and haul unwanted office items such as old furniture and electronics in an unobtrusive way so that your business is not interrupted. The best part is, the charges are very affordable.

Electronic Recycling

San Luis Movers & Junk Removal is committed to a sustainable planet through responsible waste removal and disposal. The company competently handles disposal of electronic items like TV, computer, monitors, and other old office equipment that are out of use.

Need a professional to remove and haul your home or office junks, or simply want to find out more information about San Luis Movers & Junk Removal? Visit their  official website or call: 805-440-0530.