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San Luis Movers & Junk Removal Launches A New And Improved Website

San Luis Movers & Junk Removal is pleased to announce the launch of their new website which is aimed at improving and making the experience of their visitors as seamless as possible. The new and improved website comes with lots of amazing features that make it possible for customers to request the services they need with a click of the button.

Founded in 2010 by Sandy, San Luis Movers and Junk Removal is a full-service junk hauling and debris removal company that helps homeowners and businesses in San Luis Obispo and its environs to eradicate junks and clutter of unwanted materials from their property. Junk removal experts at the company are known for their excellent service delivery that exceeds clients’ expectations.

What Range of Services Does San Luis Movers And Junk Removal Provide?

Mattress Removal & Disposal

Disposing of a mattress as heavy as “Cal-King Tempur Pedic mattresses” can be a demanding task to handle by an individual especially if you don’t have a spacious vehicle to transport it. Hiring a truck will cost you money in addition to the time you will spend in ensuring that the mattress is removed to the recycling center or landfill. To avoid the stress, you need the helping hand of a professional junk removal company.

San Luis Movers and Junk Removal are expert at helping homeowners to remove and dispose of their mattress regardless of its size. They can also assist in hauling box spring and bed frames. Their exceptionally outstanding services are offered at highly competitive prices.

Couch Pick Up & Removal

Whether you’re moving into a new home and thinking of disposing of your old couch, or you’re replacing your old couches with new ones, you need the help of professionals to make the experience seamless. San Luis Movers & Junk Removal will help you get rid of your old sofa responsibly in line with the standards set by the authority.

Pallet Removal San Luis Obispo

If your office or business receives goods or merchandise, chances are they arrive on pallets. Pallets can build up fast and take up a lot of space. Also, it can be difficult to get rid of them. Therefore, it is crucial to request the helping hand of Pallet Removal San Luis Obispo. San Luis Movers and Junk Removal is always at your beck and call.

To learn more about their services, and how they can assist you on your junk removal needs, visit their official website or call 805-440-0530.