We get this question a lot.  We process large amounts of junk in a relatively small amount of time.  San Luis Movers and Junk Removal uses a chain of command to process the junk once it’s on our trucks.  When we arrive to pick up your junk/furniture/trash.  We will discuss everything that needs to be hauled away.  Let’s say you have an outdoor table that’s in very good condition.  Before we begin work, we will inspect the table and see if you, (the customer) would like us to contact a local consignment shop on your behalf.  If the consignment shop agrees to take on your outdoor table. We will work as your Mover to get it there.  You get 50% and the consignment store gets the other 50%.  Let’s say the consignment store isn’t interested in consigning the table.  Then we will try and donate the table.  If the donation center isn’t interested.  Then we will either take it to the landfill or try and recycle it another way.  We meet many people along the way that tell us which items they need. If we can marry the two in an economical way, we’re happy to do so.  If not, then we take it to the landfill for processing.

To Summarize; first, we will see if any items can be sold through a consignment store.  Second, we will donate any items we can to various thrift stores, schools, etc. Third, we take it to the landfill for sorting and further processing.