Simple Honest Price List

  • Dump Fees Included!

  • Our Truck is 2x-3x LARGER than the other guys!

  • We can take over 30 Cu. Yards in 1 Load!

How Does Pricing Work? 

We charge based on how much of the truck you fill.  Our drivers will load front to back and top to bottom.  We take weight into consideration for heavy items such as concrete, construction debris, or dirt.

Our Truck

Truck Dimensions 16’x8’x8′


Min. Charge n/a $100
10% Truck Load 400 $160
15% Truck Load 600 $200
20% Truck Load 800 $250
30% Truck Load 1200 $300
40% Truck Load 1600 $350
50% Truck Load 2000 $400
60% Truck Load 2400 $450
70% Truck Load 2800 $500
80% Truck Load 3200 $550
90% Truck Load 3600 $600
100% Truck Load 4000 $650


Sofa $25
Appliance w/Freon $25
Tire $10
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Dump Trailer Service

San Luis Movers and Junk Removal is excited to announce an alternative to renting a dumpster.  We now offer Dump Trailer Service.   We’ll drop off one of our large dump trailers for you to fill up at your own pace. You can fill it up yourself or have us do the heavy lifting.

Here’s what you can expect from our Dump Trailer Drop Off Service

  • Less Expensive than most roll offs
  • A lower priced alternative to full service junk removal service
  • Convenient, load it around your schedule!
Dump Trailer Image

12’x6’x4′ Dump Trailer Dimensions

Self Service Option

$2303 Full Days
  • You Provide the Labor
  • You Pay the Dump Fee

Full Service 1/4 Load

  • Includes Labor
  • Includes Dump Fees

Full Service 1/2 Load

  • Includes Labor
  • Includes Dump Fees

Full Service 3/4 Load

  • Includes Labor
  • Includes Dump Fees

Full Service Full Load

  • Includes Labor
  • Includes Dump Fees

How does San Luis Movers and Junk Removal Determine their prices?

The Landfill 

One of the biggest costs associated with removing junk is the expense of disposal. San Luis Junk Removal recycles and donates whenever possible but a large portion of what we haul ends up in the landfill. Upon entering the landfill, we are charged by weight for the materials we drop off. We also have the added expense of sorting your junk into various categories for proper disposal.

Our Employees

Good help is hard to find.  That’s why San Luis Junk Removal tries to find the most reliable and trustworthy employees it can.  Part of our commitment to our employees and our community is to offer quality employment.  San Luis Junk Removal starts all employees above the minimum wage required by law.

Our Trucks

Part of our price reflects the maintenance, upkeep, and expense of our trucks.  Trucks use fuel and require regular maintenance.